About us


Welcome to Athoria Beauty. 

We are Athoria Beauty and we sell natural beauty products and essential oils at competitive prices.  Our face masks are made with natural ingredients that have stood the test of time. All of our essential oils are made from 100% certified organic ingredients, and we pride ourselves on our transparency; you can find out exactly what is in our products just by reading the label, and if you have any questions about our products, or if you are looking for an essential oil that you do not see listed on our site, we are happy to answer any of your questions by email.

Why choose Athoria Beauty? 

Once you try our essential oils, you will see how the quality of our products speaks for itself.  The only goal of our business is to sell essential oils and diffusers so that you can use the oils for home fragrance or aromatherapy or to make your own personal care products.  We realize that there are lots of businesses out there that sell oils, many of them operating on a multi-level marketing business model where the quality of the products is second to the business opportunities provided by the MLM company, but that is not our style at all.  At Athoria Beauty, we are all about essential oils.

Email us with any questions or comments at: Support@athoriabeauty.com