The Dead Sea Mud Mask: Everything You Need to Know Plus Before and After Photos

Where does the dead sea mud mask come from?

A dead sea mud mask is a cosmetic mask made from mud that is extracted from the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is a salt lake located between Jordan, the state of Israel, and Palestine. In fact, the surface of the dead sea is the lowest point of land on earth (1,412 ft below sea level). The dead sea is famous because of it's extremely high concentration of salt and natural resources. The dead sea salt concentration is 35%. Which is 9.6 times saltier than our oceans These mineral deposits concentrate in the sand which becomes mud with almost magical healing properties.

Dead Sea mud is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. These minerals are great for the skin. 

Magnesium - Magnesium is touted as one of the best acne and wrinkle-fighting supplements

Calcium - Calcium plays a major role in regulating the functions of the skin. Most calcium in the skin is found in the outermost lay of the skin, the epidermis.

Potassium - Potassium is a key player in cell integrity. This mineral helps by maintaining electrolyte balance and internal fluids in the skin. 

Sodium - You may think that sodium would be extremely damaging to the skin but that is not necessarily the case. Sodium as a salt acts as a great exfoliant for dead skin.

FUN FACT: This high salt concentration allows you to easily float. 

The dead sea is one of the "New 7 Wonders of The World" according to The NEW Seven Wonders Foundation. Which isn't really an official organization but still cool nonetheless. Visitors come from all around the world to see the wonderful dead sea. 

Dead Sea Mud Mask Before and After

How is Dead Sea Mud extracted?

The minerals and mud are extracted from the sea by creating small shallow pools. These pools are created in the southernmost part of the dead sea as the mud is easier to extract there than in the north. This mud can then be extracted with a shovel or bulldozer depending on the scale of the operation. 

What are the benefits of Dead Sea Mud?

Evens out Skin Tone 

Dead Sea Mud reduces pore size, lessens the severity of fine lines and wrinkles, removes dirt and toxins from pores, and exfoliates dead skin cells from your body. You can use this mud all over your body to purify your skin tone. 

Moisturizes Skin

The blend of minerals improves the good oil production of your glands which acts as a natural moisturizer.  Not to be confused with the oily buildup of oil and sweat that causes acne.

Improves the Condition of Different Skin Ailments

Eczema, psoriasis, and acne can benefit from adding a Dead Sea Mud Mask to your skin care routine just twice a week!

Improves Hair Growth  

Dead Sea Mud improves blood circulation in the skin which in turn can lead to healthy and even hair growth. Say goodbye to ingrown hairs!

Before and After: Dead Sea Mud Mask Results

Dead Sea Mud Mask Before and After
The Before and After Results of using a Dead Sea Mud Mask

The Athoria Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask

Dead Sea Mud Mask Before and AfterDead Sea Mud Mask Before and After

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